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Getting Correct Color on the Web: Firefox 8 and v4 ICC Profiles

Mozilla caused great rejoicing around the world when they introduced Firefox 3 with full color management. Then they $%#@ed everything up by breaking it in Firefox 3.5 and – I’m not making this up – not fixing it until version … Continue reading

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Tri-Chromatic Vision

The digital camera you take photographs with and the computer monitor you’re currently looking at both create colors by combining various amounts of pure red, pure green and pure blue. These are called the additive primaries of tri-chromatic vision. We … Continue reading

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Calibrating and Profiling your Computer Monitor

After getting a high quality monitor, the next step toward accurate image processing is having your monitor properly calibrated and profiled. In my experience you are much better off using a high quality monitor without any calibration/profiling than you are using a budget TN monitor that is calibrated and profiled. (For information on selecting a good LCD monitor, see my earlier article on this subject.) Of course, ideally, you want to do both: Get a high quality monitor and have it fully calibrated and profiled, but profiling hardware and software costs money and if your budget is tight I recommend you start with the best monitor you can afford (favoring quality over monitor size) and save up to get a profiling kit later.
Calibration vs Profiling

If you’ve heard the term “calibrated monitor” you may have noticed that I’ve specified that your monitor must be “calibrated and profiled”. Calibration and profiling are two different (but related) things and you need both to be sure you’re monitor is showing you an accurate representation of the image that’s on your hard drive. Continue reading

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Computer LCD Monitors for Photography

This article is part 1 of a series — read part 2, Calibrating and Profiling Your Monitor, here. How do you choose the best LCD monitor for your computer? Do you know that there are three distinct types of LCD … Continue reading

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