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Latest Additions and Upcoming Events:

PDML Photo Annual 2014

Every year the members of the Pentax-Discuss Mail List get together and create a book of photography to show off their work. You can buy a print copy or an electronic version (ebook) and all the profits are donated to the Global Health Initiative, a program started by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Boston Children's Hospital to bring modern health care, particularly cancer treatment, to developing nations.

See the full gallery here.

• I've also made a calendar from select shots. It's available from here.

A Semester of Photoshop

My Photoshop textbook is finally done and is now available via It's intended for college-level introductory Photoshop courses and students getting their first exposure to this powerful and often baffling image editing program. It's 240 pages, structured from fundamental concepts in the earliest chapters, basic Photoshop tools and techniques in the middle and introduction to more advanced concepts toward the end. A dedicated web site is under construction with supplementary material for book chapters and also some bonus chapters that didn't fit into the print book. Click the thumbnail image here to order.

See the free software page here.