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Latest Additions and Upcoming Events:

PDML Photo Annual 2015

The seventh edition of the PDML Photo Annual is now available (ISBN 978-0-9915297-3-5). Published to showcase the work of some talented photographers, this photography collection supports pediatric medical research and treatment worldwide through the Global Health Initiative of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Boston Children's Hospital.

Get all the details and see previews of the book here.

My Pinterest pages

So with some reluctance and more than a little trepidation I've signed up for a Pinterest account and set up five collections: Yin (B&W nature photography), Yang (experimental, multi-exposure and other color photography), Odds (one-off curiosities), Ends (photo-based designs for book covers, etc.), and Sic Transit (Photoshopped signage from public transport). You can see them by clicking the thumbnail at left but – and this is the downside to Pinterest – you can only browse Pinterest's site if you sign up for an account there. Bizarre but true. Anyway, if you have a Pinterest account or are willing to sign up for one you should go have a look.

A Semester of Photoshop

The second edition of my Photoshop textbook – updated for Photoshop CC – is now available via (ISBN 978-0-9915297-2-8). It's intended for college-level introductory Photoshop courses and students getting their first exposure to this powerful and often baffling image editing program. It's 240 pages, structured from fundamental concepts in the earliest chapters, basic Photoshop tools and techniques in the middle and introduction to more advanced concepts toward the end. Click the thumbnail image above to order. Click here for more detailed information on this site.