More spamming Scumbags: Picto Online

Somehow one of my older email addresses has found its way onto the spam list of another sleazy photo operation. This time it’s the self-proclaimed “Legendary French professional photo lab” that calls itself Picto Online. When will people learn that the surest way of making your business look like a scam is by sending spam email? The web site at certainly doesn’t reassure me — no phone number listed? No thanks, I want people I can talk to. They’re in France but have a NY office. So why no phone number? I bet I can guess.

It’s also worth noting that these people are (allegedly) in the business of making prints. Including large prints which, by definition, will require the sending of large, high resolution files. So anyone who does business with them will be sending our their own work in high resolution form. Do you trust an overseas spammer not to pirate your copyrighted work? Not me. Not you either, I hope.

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Talk Business 360 TV Spam

When will people learn that advertising by spam is the surest way to throw away any shred of credibility their business might have? If there’s any better way to shout “SCAM!” to the world than through Unsolicited Commercial Email I haven’t found it yet.

The latest scam to come my way is from an outfit called Talk Business 360 Continue reading

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Latest Self-Publishing scam:

Though it’s a truism that one of the surest signs of a business you want to avoid is that their advertising takes the form of spam email, it’s still worth repeating from time to time. (A couple of earlier posts on this subject, regarding Dorrance Publishing and International Masters, might be worth a look at this point…)

The latest turd to hit my inbox offered “World class publishing for less than anyone for over two decades”, Continue reading

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The spammers from claim "We have skilled Photoshop designers for image apparel products, Objects (Bottles) cutout work, Jewellery, Pack shots, we work on all files format CR2, Raw files, JPEG/JPG, GIF, PNG, Tiff, PSD, HDR." Oddly enough, their web site doesn’t make any references to image editing at all (beyond the domain name itself, I suppose), stating "We are India based (sic) leading provider in innovative search engine marketing and optimization services".

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Lorum Ipsum in ROT-13

You’ll frequently read posts in (and if you’re not a regular visitor there you should become one*) about clients misunderstanding, and reacting badly to, standard “Lorum Ipsum” placeholder text. The solution? Use Lorum Ipsum “encrypted” with ROT-13 (a very simpler substitution cipher that replaces each letter with the one 13 letters after it in the alphabet)!

Here’s the sample I use: Continue reading

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Make a “Little Planet” 360-Degree Image the Easy Way

Making a 360° pseudo-stereographic projection from an ordinary panorama

Those cool "little planet" 360° stereographic photographs are often described as being made from dozens or hundreds of photos. But that ain’t necessarily so. We’ll see here how it’s possible to create images like these from relatively ordinary 360° panoramas.

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When I first saw it on Facebook I was sure it was a parody. A joke. But no, it’s intended to be real: 10-Step Processing Technique. To save you the trouble of examining that link I’ll warn you that the web site that hosts this “tutorial” is the kind of place that offers to sell you “press credentials” for $99.00. (They’re basically using the Dunning-Kruger Effect as a marketing strategy. ’nuff said.)
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Small Exhibit of Photos at Streetcar Wine & Beer

The Great Gulf Trail

I’m quite the fan of craft beer. And by very good fortune there’s an excellent wine and craft beer shop almost at the end of my street, Streetcar Wine & Beer. Since they regularly feature the work of local artists in their store it was probably only a matter of time until I ended up showing some work there. And that time is now. I have a few framed prints on show there during the month of June.

If you can’t make it down to the shop you can see the images featured on line here.

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Defeat Clickbait Headlines Using this One Weird Trick


Here’s the one weird trick…

You didn’t actually click on the link did you? Oh for the love of all that is holy and pure, please tell me you didn’t click on the link…

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Copyright: How to Tell if You Should Post a Photo on the Internet

Should you post photos on the net?

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