A Semester of Photoshop

Learning the World's Leading Image Editing Program


The Book

A Semester of Photoshop

Second Edition — ISBN 978-0-9915297-2-8

My Photoshop textbook is now in its second edition – updated for Photoshop CC – and available via Blurb.com. It's intended for college-level introductory Photoshop courses and students getting their first exposure to this powerful and often baffling image editing program.

The book is 240 pages long, structured from fundamental concepts in the earliest chapters, basic Photoshop tools and techniques in the middle and introduction to more advanced concepts toward the end.

Each chapter presents theoretical concepts by using a working example (starting with a dowloadable image you can get from this site) and step-by-step instructions that teach the use of the tools and techniques involved.

Bonus Chapters to Download

Bonus chapters that didn't fit in the print edition are available on this site as downloadable pdf documents. And each chapter from the print edition has its own page on this site with supplemental material:

• Expanded explanations
• Suggested exercises and projects
• Useful links for further learning

These chapters can also be used by students and instructors who want to evaluate the book content before purchasing. Download them here.


This site will expend continually with new developments and new learning material as the book grows and Adobe adds new and improved functionality to Photoshop.

Your comments, questions and requests for future editions are welcomed and encouraged. Use the "Contact" link in the navigation bar (above, right) or at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for your interest!

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