A Semester of Photoshop

Learning the World's Leading Image Editing Program


Supplemental Material

Here is where you can find supplemental material for each chapter of the book. Additions, creative suggestions, projects and exercises and links to useful web sites for students of Photoshop.

Only highlighted pages are active at this time. More pages will be added as the semester progresses.
New material will be added to every one these pages on a continuing basis.

Chapter 1

Photoshop Setup

Chapter 3

Digital Image Basics

Chapter 4

Image Files

Chapter 5

Resizing & Cropping

Chapter 6

Brushed & Colors

Chapter 8


Chapter 9

The History Panel

Chapter 10


Chapter 11


Chapter 12


Chapter 13


Chapter 14

The Clone Tool

Chapter 15

Healing Tools

Chapter 16


Chapter 17

Non-Destructive Editing

Chapter 18

Layer Masks

Chapter 19

Adjustment Layers

Chapter 20


Chapter 21

Layer Blending

Chapter 22

Layer Styles

Chapter 23


Chapter 24

Smart Objects

Chapter 25

Refining Selections

Chapter 26

Vector Drawing

Chapter 27

Images for the Web

Chapter 28

16-bit Color

Chapter 29

Color models

Chapters 30–31

Bonus Chapters

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