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It is with great sadness that I must inform everyone that I have made the decision to close the Rochester Running Page.

After 15 years of maintaining the Rochester Running Page single handedly, I can no longer justify the amount of work involved for the return it generates. Keeping up the race calendar and race results, maintaining the message board and protecting it from the inevitable spammers and hackers it attracts requires many, many hours - my income from the site has always been far below minimum wage!

Never the less, I am very grateful to the sponsors who have helped me justify keeping the Rochester Running page going and the runners and friends who have contributed to it all these years. It was my original goal to have a runner's web site that was not biased toward any particular club, team or business, with a race calendar and race results listing that included all events in the Rochester area without favoritism. It is with your help that this mission was carried out for 15 years.