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One of the techniques I've been working with a lot lately is combining multiple photographs to create panoramic images. The advantage of working this way is that you get enormous images with incredible resolution. The 360-degree panoramas can be printed at 18" x 155" with amazing clarity — that's 1-1/2 feet by 13 feet!

Panoramic prints are all special order items. I can print up to 12" tall by 40" wide in-house. Larger dimensions will have to be sent out to a service bureau, resulting in slightly longer production delays.

Click on any of the thumbnail images below to see a larger version. But note that these are, by their very nature, large images which may take a long time to load on slower connections and most of them will require quite a bit of horizontal scrolling: They're wide!

Point Park Panorama

Point State Park in Pittsburgh, looking across the Allegheny River - 7d303198
A view from Point State Park in Pittsburgh. This 6-image composite was shot on film. The individual images were scanned into digital files which were then combined in Photoshop to yield the result shown here.

MacRae Peak, Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina

MacRae Peak Panorama - 7d502344
Out on the most rugged trail on the mountain you get tremendous views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, as seen in this 6-image composite panorama.

Montrichard, Loire Valley, France

Montrichard Château, Loire Valley, France - 7d504920
At the top of the highest tower of the (mostly ruined) castle in the center of Montrichard, I made this 6-image composite panorama.

Druid Circle 360-Degree Panorama, Penmaenmawr, Wales

Druid Circle 360-degree Panorama - 7d500777
This 360-degree panorama consists of 22 individual images and was shot from the center of a 3000-year-old ritual stone circle in Wales.

Pittsburgh at Sunset

Pittsburgh at sunset - 7d601015
I shot the photos for this image from a location in the Mt. Washington neighborhood, on the south bank of the Monongahela river.

Pen-y-Gwryd Path on Snowdon, Wales

Pen-y-Gwryd Path Near Snowdon - 7d500932
Not technically a panorama, but I did combine 3 images to create this one: At the end of a long day's hike up Snowdon, the tallest mountain in Wales, I made this image of the final part of the Pen-y-Gwryd trail.

Linville Peak, Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina

Linville Peak Panorama - 7d502530
This composite panorama consists of 5 images shot about 15 minutes after sunset on Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina.

Foggy Morning Panorama, Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina

Foggy Morning Panorama - 7d501994
After camping out on the trail overnight, I got up at dawn to take photographs on Grandfather Mountain. This 6-image composite panorama is one of the results.

Frick Park 360-Degree Panorama, Pittsburgh

Frick Park, 360-degree Panorama
This is another panorama that encompasses a full 360-degree view. It consists of 21 photos taken in Frick Park, Pittsburgh during the height of fall color one day.

Schenley Park 360-Degree Panorama, Pittsburgh

Frick Park, 360-degree Panorama
This 360-degree panorama consists of 21 photos, as per my usual technique. It was taken on one of the trails in Schenley Park, Pittsburgh.

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