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Click here for the PDML subscription home page The PDML is the Pentax-Discuss Mail List, a mailing list for photographers — mainly those who use Pentax cameras.

Click here to order or browse Not long ago, I toyed with the idea of working up some t-shirts, mugs and other knick-knacks with the PDML logo and various (mostly humorous) sayings and quotations from list members. My annual compilation of list quotations has become something of a tradition. (You can see the latest list here.) Voila! Instant inspiration for t-shirt designs!

Mouse pad - Click here to order or browse So now you can buy t-shirts, mugs and a very snarky mouse pad (emblazoned with Photoshop instructions to "improve" your photos), most with humorous slogans that only photographers, PDML members or the slightly demented will appreciate, and we'll donate the profits to childhood cancer research. In its first 4 days on line, our store raised about $100.00 from 13 sales... including two from Australia and one from the UK.

A mention in the popular Online Photographer blog got things kick-started. Now we just need people like yourself to pitch in. You'll make your friends turn green with envy (or at least with astonishment) when you show off your cool schwag.

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We've shipped orders to 7 countries so far
We've had photographers in seven countries contribute so far.

Custom Orders, Anyone?

I can custom design products on request. Choose a quotation from the left-hand column and a product from the right-hand column, then send me an email and I'll put that product in the shop just for you!

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"You can never have too many lenses."

"Photography is simple. The only complicated thing is keeping it simple."

"There are no rules in photography. Just preferences."

"Feedback is appreciated. Ego strokes are cherished."

"They're just pixels. They exist only because you allow them to and they're willing to die in service to you."

"My glasses are clean but my mind isn't."

"The telling of beautiful, untrue things is the proper aim of art."

"When I'm not writing emails, I'm a pretty reasonable guy."

"Event photography is like making love — position is important but timing is everything."

"Just enough information to be totally useless."

"Accuracy is for the unimaginative."

"Sometimes I wish there were two of me then I could stand on my own shoulders."

"Rattle some bones, burn some incense, prostrate yourself before the lesser god of the black box."

"I can't tell the difference between food and art, apparently. Which explains a lot...."

"You've failed the entropy test."

"Just because you didn't change anything doesn't mean nothing changed."

"You're not kicking me when I'm down, you're just kicking me."

"Why would I take photos of people when I already know what they look like?"

"I shoot. I don't test."

"90% of everything is off-topic."

"Art happens..."

"Fun makes great photography"

"Brute force is an option!"

"It doesn't matter how many megapixels you have. A crap picture is still crap."

"You can never have enough monkeys."

"It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument."

"It is always difficult to be correct and understood at the same time."

"Where the imagination goes, the wallet is sure to follow."

Visit the PDML store today

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Choose a quotation and the item you want it printed on, then send me an email and I'll put that product in the shop.

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