Photographs from London and Oxford, taken in January 2014

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in between semesters this January we took a trip to London, with a side journey to Oxford. This gallery shows some of my work from this trip. I'm becoming very interested in incorporating time, photography's third dimension, into my work, either through very long exposures, combinimg multiple exposures into a single image, or a combination of these. A lot of the images in this gallery show this approach.

I've divided the photos up into three categories: Weird, experimental stuff; images that I decided were well suited to black & white rendering; normal color photos.

Over-the-Top HDR and Other Experimental Stuff
7de0031113_small.jpg 7de0031720_small.jpg 7de0030710_small.jpg
7de004025_small.jpg 7de01303-06_small.jpg 7de0144447_small.jpg
7de0144849_small.jpg 7de0141122_small.jpg 7de0122932_small.jpg 7de0122828_small.jpg
7de01335-7-9_small.jpg 7de0121620_small.jpg
7de0122325_small.jpg 7de0071013_small.jpg
7de00501_small.jpg 7de007014_small.jpg 7de0051012_small.jpg
7de006045_small.jpg 7de0081216_small.jpg 7de01007_small.jpg
7de010013_small.jpg 7de011034_small.jpg
Black & White
7de0131619a_small.jpg 7de00607_small.jpg
7de00514_small.jpg 7de01211_small.jpg 7de01340_small.jpg 7de00911a_small.jpg
Conventional Color Photography
7de00956_small.jpg 7de00921_small.jpg 7de009057_small.jpg
7de00332_small.jpg 7de00821_small.jpg
7de00206_small.jpg 7de00847_small.jpg
7de00846_small.jpg 7de00863_small.jpg

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