Photographs from the 2012 Grandfather Mountain Nature Photography Weekend

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Alas, my stay at Grandfather Mountain for the annual Nature Photography Weekend was shorter than usual this year and official duties kept me occupied much of the time. A disappointing Thursday night bivouac and a short hike on Saturday were all I got for Photographic purposes. Most of the images here are from Saturday morning on the Profile Trail, taking shots of Shanty Branch ("branch" is southern-speak for "stream") with friend John Weber.

I did, however, get a chance to shoot some film! Yep, I managed to put 2 rolls of Velvia through the 6 x 7 — that's 20 shots. You'll find three of them in the group below.

7dc02305_small.jpg 7dc02602_small.jpg
7dc02509_small.jpg 7dc0261932_small.jpg
7dc02632_small.jpg 7dc03404_small.jpg
7dc03302_small.jpg 7dc03307_small.jpg

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