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In the fall of 2010 my S.O., the ever-adventurous Dr. Lisa, went to attend the meeting of the Society for Pediatric Pathology, which was being held in Banff, Alberta, Canada and being the generous sort, she decided to bring me along. We went several days early to get in some serious hikes before the meeting, the highlight of which was a guided hike up to the famous Burgess Shale fossils in Yoho National Park. Both the hike and the fossils were amazing. Actually, pretty much everything was amazing out there. We're definitely planning a return trip. Below is a selection of the photographs I took during the week.


7da04609_small.jpg 7da04701_small.jpg 7da04729_small.jpg 7da04724_small.jpg 7da04738_small.jpg
7da04745_small.jpg 7da04758_small.jpg 7da03601_small.jpg 7da04762_small.jpg 7da04764_small.jpg
7da03818_small.jpg 7da03911_small.jpg 7da03806_small.jpg 7da04311_small.jpg 7da04313_small.jpg
7da04322_small.jpg 7da04355_small.jpg 7da04356_small.jpg 7da04358_small.jpg 7da04376_small.jpg
7da04375_small.jpg 7da04364_small.jpg 7da04383_small.jpg 7da04390_small.jpg 7da04393_small.jpg
7da04411_small.jpg 7da04424_small.jpg 7da04418_small.jpg 7da04426_small.jpg 7da04428_small.jpg


7da04015_small.jpg 7da03802_small.jpg 7da04023_small.jpg 7da04027_small.jpg 7da04305_small.jpg
7da04399_small.jpg 7da04326_small.jpg 7da04303_small.jpg 7da04104_small.jpg 7da03804_small.jpg

Macro: Flowers, Plants, Fungus

7da04705_small.jpg 7da03824_small.jpg 7da04205_small.jpg 7da03831_small.jpg 7da04216_small.jpg
7da04223_small.jpg 7da04233_small.jpg 7da03834_small.jpg 7da03840_small.jpg 7da04251_small.jpg
7da04206_small.jpg 7da04049_small.jpg 7da04053_small.jpg 7da04210_small.jpg 7da04247_small.jpg

Animaux Sauvages

7da04340_small.jpg 7da04716_small.jpg 7da04483_small.jpg 7da04347_small.jpg

The bilingual road signs warned us of "Wild Animals/Animaux Sauvages" and we were constantly on the lookout for moose, elk and bears. But during the entire week these were the only "Animaux Sauvages" we saw...

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