Another Spammer Trying to Rip Off Photographers

The spammers from claim "We have skilled Photoshop designers for image apparel products, Objects (Bottles) cutout work, Jewellery, Pack shots, we work on all files format CR2, Raw files, JPEG/JPG, GIF, PNG, Tiff, PSD, HDR." Oddly enough, their web site doesn’t make any references to image editing at all (beyond the domain name itself, I suppose), stating "We are India based (sic) leading provider in innovative search engine marketing and optimization services".

First of all, 98% of all web sites claiming to do "Search Engine Optimization" are scams – and for sites based in India it’s probably closer to 99.9% – and even the few honest ones don’t do anything you couldn’t do yourself.

But for photographers and other artists, sending your images to outfits in China, India, etc. for Photoshop work is just asking to have your copyrights violated. What are your chances of successfully pursuing an infringement case in one of these countries? Next to none. And the people sending the spam are fully aware of that.

The spam was sent from a Google account. I reported it to Google and they’ll probably shut down the email account but the spammers have probably set up dozens of disposable email accounts for this purpose.

I also reported the spammer/scammer’s web site, but unfortunately it’s hosted by – famous for not taking action against spammers. (Note: Over two weeks after reporting the scammer’s web site, has still not taken it down. SOP for Godaddy, I’m sad to report.)

Above all, remember: "Never send out your images for Photoshop work or any other purpose unless it’s to a business or individual you know personally and trust 100% not to violate your copyright."
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