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More Copyright Paranoia

It runs in cycles and a new wave of copyright paranoia seems to be rising. The latest one involves Pinterest and has spurred reactions like this. Now there are some legal issues with Pinterest, as discussed here, but they’re about … Continue reading

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Displacement Maps in Photoshop

Displacement Maps An incredibly useful and often overlooked tool in Photoshop, a Displacement Map is an ancillary image used to distort the image you’re working on in a specific way. In other words, you use one image to distort another. … Continue reading

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Spamming Scumbags at and

For over four months now this web site has been subject to referrer-spamming by and… EVERY DAY for over four months. And there’s been no response to multiple complaints sent to, which is the source of the … Continue reading

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Lytro "Light Field" Camera: Not the Next Revolution in Photography

Some pundits claim that the Lytro "Light Field" camera is going to revolutionize photography: Here’s why they’re wrong Has it hit the market yet? The fact that I’ve heard neither cheers of delight nor groans of disappointment seems to indicate … Continue reading

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Pentax Launches K-01 Mirrorless Camera, World Misses the Point

Pentax has just introduced the K-01 mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera. This type of camera lets you switch lenses, like a traditional single-lens-reflex camera (SLR), but dispenses with the reflex mirror and prism, making for a mechanically simpler and (theoretically) smaller and … Continue reading

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