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The Great Interview Experiment

I’ve participated in the Great Interview Experiment started by Citizen of the Month. The experiment involves bloggers around the world interviewing each other, pretty much at random. I haven’t yet had a response from the blogger I’m supposed to interview … Continue reading

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Blog Spam Poetry

Looking through my recent post on the subject of blog spam, I was struck by the appealing rhythm and imagery of the nonsense text I quoted at the end. Spammers insert these random pieces of text to try to fool … Continue reading

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Thank You to the NCCF Supporters

Wouldn’t you like to be seen amongst that select group of people on the right? Wait. Let me rephrase that… The NCCF fund raiser I started on the Pentax mailing list is still going strong and 6 people have actually … Continue reading

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Computerized Clothing

Or: “Is that a Pentium in your pocket or you just happy to see me?” Yes, they’re working on developing computerized clothing. Some of it designed to interface neatly with your iPod, cell phone and other personal digital devices. Some … Continue reading

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Castles, Stone and Light

You just can’t beat that combination for atmospheric photographs. Of course, there are many varieties of castles, stone and light, so the number of possible combinations is near infinite, but it’s still a wonder when the three happily converge and … Continue reading

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Hello, Blog Spammers!

Hey, blog spammers. Having a hard time getting through? Finding you simply can’t connect in order to offer your valuable services? I can understand your disappointment. So many people who visit this site are in dire need of payday advance … Continue reading

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Scotland Closed for Repairs

Scotland will be closed for repairs on the weekend of 23-24 February, 2008. It will re-open the following Monday. The management would like to offer their sincere apologies to those who were planning a visit to Scotland at that time … Continue reading

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Klingon Sudoku

I created this as a joke, but I just know someone’s going to actually solve it in Klingon… How can you get geekier than a Sudoku puzzle in Klingon? Perhaps by solving it while dressed as a hobbit or Jedi … Continue reading

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Sigma Photo Contest

Last year I won one of the three themed photo contests that Sigma Photo had (details here). Very cool, not least because first prize happened to be a very nice lens. I’m still waiting for the lens, but they’ve been … Continue reading

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