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New Film Rebate Downloads

I’ve just added a batch of new film frames to my collection of EPS downloads. List below. Click on any of the images above to see the full gallery. Download Links Film Frame EPS Downloads (compressed in zip format)  

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Kodak Instamatic: The First Nail in the Coffin – 50 Years Ago

Kodak Instamatic CameraImage from Wikimedia – Creative Commons License According to the George Eastman House blog, March 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the Kodak Instamatic family of cameras. These cameras truly revolutionized photography for the masses, opened a path … Continue reading

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Lytro "Light Field" Camera: Not the Next Revolution in Photography

Some pundits claim that the Lytro "Light Field" camera is going to revolutionize photography: Here’s why they’re wrong Has it hit the market yet? The fact that I’ve heard neither cheers of delight nor groans of disappointment seems to indicate … Continue reading

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Movies for Graphic Designers

Film has always been a venue for groundbreaking approaches to visual design and a source of inspiration for graphic designers. Now with the ready availability of online streaming and DVD rentals, just about anyone can view the great works of … Continue reading

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Run for Your Life – The Fred Lebow Story

Driving into New York on a crisp fall morning, expecting nothing more than a pleasant day of walking and sightseeing in the city, I was suddenly astonished by the sight of an overpass packed with runners, shoulder-to-shoulder as far as … Continue reading

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